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NHS waiting lists and waiting times are on the rise, and clinical treatment, tests, and surgery are delayed. The London Colorectal Clinic and Cleveland Clinic London are happy to assist you.

  • Are you worried about having colorectal cancer?

  • Are there delays in appointments to see your NHS GP?

  • Do you want personalised individualised care?

  • Do you want quicker diagnostic and treatment care?

  • Are there delays in your investigations or are you on a long NHS waiting list to have a procedure?

An outpatient appointment can be arranged, or if necessary timely investigations and treatments can be administered at The London Colorectal Clinic and Cleveland Clinic London.


Also, at Cleveland Clinic London you have access to multidisciplinary teams to review your previous NHS treatments, investigations and to suggest comprehensive, individualised care from multiple experts.


Additionally, you have the option to return to your regular NHS health care provider.

We would be pleased to speak with you about how we can enhance the care that is delivered by the NHS. Please click the form below and fill it out as completely as possible.

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