• If you are not covered by a health insurance company then you can pay all fees directly.
  • All private hospitals will invoice patients separately for equipment used during these procedures.
  • It is the patients’ responsibility to enquire about these charges and to settle the bill directly with the hospital concerned.
  • These bills are separate to and not inclusive of the procedure bill submitted to you by your consultant.
  • This is of particular importance to self paying patients who should take this into account when budgeting for their treatment.
  • Self-Pay scheme offered by private hospital often offers special package prices for procedures. You will be asked to pay a pre-admission or pre-attendance deposit. Once the funds clear, you will be able to attend your consultation, procedure or in-patient stay.



Listed below are fees for common investigations and procedures we perform at The London ColoRectal Surgery . As there are minor variations between costs of various clinics and hospitals, we have quoted the likely maximum expected fees.


Self pay prices (1.4.11 – 31.3.12) *

Initial private consultation including examination (45 mins)  £195

Use of rectal equipment & banding of haemorrhoids*  £200


Diagnostic blood and radiological tests*


Biochemical & haematological profile  £69

Abdominal & pelvic CT  £960

MRI pelvis  £725

Abdominal ultrasound  £345

Transrectal ultrasound  £320

Anophysiology studies  £488


Endoscopy procedures*


Diagnostic oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy +/- biopsy (inc. histology)  £1,213

Flexible sigmoidosocpy +/- biopsy (inc. histology)  £1,215

Colonoscopy +/- biopsy (inc. histology)  £1,645


General Surgical & Colorectal Procedures*


Excision of skin lesions (up to 3 including histology)  £1,298

Inguinal hernia repair  £1,964

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy  £5,453

Repair of abdominal wall incisional hernia  £4,403

Colorectal procedures (laparoscopic & Open)  £10,221 - £15,215


Common Anorectal procedures*


Anal fissure surgery  £2.762

Fistula surgery  £2,180

Haemorrhoidectomy (Stapled haemorrhoidectomy, haemorrhoid artery ligation surgery (HALS), excision haemorrhoidectomy  £1915 - £2,329

Pilonidal surgery  £3,299


Emergency procedures*


Laparoscopic appendicectomy  £5,289

Incision & drainage of perianal abscess  £2,551